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Romney: Fossilized Ideas in a Climate of Change

Romney has reinvented himself as the Ron Popeil of fossil fuels, touting them as our best bet to stimulate economic growth. Few people argued with this thinking fifty years ago, but our collective carbon footprint has created massive environmental damage that could jeopardize our very existence.

Cap and Trade and The Triumph of Bipartisan Politics

Cap and Trade and The Triumph of Bipartisan Politics

Back in the 70’s, long before sustainability became synonymous with survival, people who sought to champion environmental causes endured a lot of stigma. Remember the old stereotypes regarding godless hippie Communist tree-huggers? Well, a lot of these folks graduated from college to become movers and shakers who began advocating the policies that now comprise Cap and Trade.

California Cap and Trade: Conservation, Controversy, and Big Money

California’s lawmakers approved Assembly Bill 1532 on May 29th, known as the Cap and Trade program. The bill imposes strict emission limits on companies and power plants that release huge volumes of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Regulatory mandates, along with economic incentives, form a kind of carrot-and-stick policy.