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Hello, Big, Beautiful World!

I'll tell you what's out there.

Hello big, beautiful world!  Writing is my affliction and my joy. I’d sooner steal lunch money from tweens and survive on Twinkies than seek an alternate career path. Accordingly, I’m in the hunt for a creative opportunity with an established firm boasting a strong reputation for quality, professional content. I love contributing actively to web copy and marketing communications, while promoting new sales and client services.

Since talent and education alone inspire few requests for interviews in a hibernating economy, I’ve decided to keep it real all by my own self. Suffering for one’s art remains a proud and masochistic tradition which offers fertile ground to literary hambones who compulsively struggle to express something original. In contrast, failure to hawk your wares shamelessly, like a peep show carny, will buy you a one-way ticket to Nowheresville. You’d have to be dumber than a box o’ rocks, or just an old fool to resist the gravitational pull of digital publication and promotion.

Here in my man cave I will continue to blog, share insights and post inventive works. Soon enough some lucky outfit will scoop me up and press me into service as slave to their scheme for world domination through social media networking.


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