Claim New Desktop Territory With a Flat Panel Monitor Mount

MI-455 Dual-Arm Articulating Monitor Mount

Check out the Dual Arm Articulating Flat Panel Monitor Mount for 17-37″ Displays from Buy Mounts!

Remember back in the olden days when a 22″ CRT monitor weighed more than a dump truck, and required a hydraulic crane to transport?

We’ll never forget that day we rushed home from the electronics store, and with trembling hands eagerly unwrapped our first 19″ flat panel screen with DVI input.

Suddenly uncharted land expanded across the desktop like the wide-open Kansas plateau, offering new personal space, which we  greedily claimed  as our manifest destiny.

As flat panel screens grow larger and lighter, we no longer limit them to the terrestrial confines of our desktops. Launching your 17-37″ panel into orbit above the work station opens up additional territory, creates versatile perspective for viewing media, and happens to look totally sweet!

Add some class to your man cave.

At $34.99, Buy Mounts! Dual-Arm Articulating Monitor Mount (MI-455) allows you to defy Earth’s gravity by staking claim to uncharted space  above your workstation.

For less than the price of a 32GB  pen drive, you can mount your LCD/LED screen to the wall and take advantage of a wide range of movement.

Cinema junkies also look to Buy Mounts! as a go-to source for adding some zazz too their man cave.

Add masculine style to your den or bedroom by planting your 17-37″ display way up high, like they do in that awesome, rowdy sports bar your wife keeps telling you to avoid. Get off your desk and get on some wall! The sky’s the limit. Actually, you’re limited more by your studs than your imagination.



21 comments on “Claim New Desktop Territory With a Flat Panel Monitor Mount

  1. Wow. I’m convinced. And I’m going to cogitate on the concept of being ‘more limited by studs than by imagination.’ 🙂

  2. Now that I share my office with a closet, nightstand and bed, this could open up a brave new world of personal space and unleash the creative goddess I’ve been keeping on my desktop.

  3. This looks to be very promising. I wonder how well setting up several different stands, side by side, would work out.

  4. Heh, compared to the CRTs, modern flatscreens float above the desk… Now, they literally can?

    • Thank you, folks, for your digital wisdom regarding my sample blog post. FYI, I applied to BuyMounts to snag their jobby job as Customer Service Manager. Hey, a brutha’s gotta eat, I ain’t proud. In any case the principals of this cozy start up asked me to create a sample blog. They even read my voluminous comments on contrasting content and tone across blogging and social media conduits, to juxtapose the stodgy style of their standard Web content. Ya know, I couldn’t figure out why we weren’t yacking on about customer service junk ad nausea.

      So I got an email yesterday, asking that I pop their warehouse tonight. By this time I didn’t know what these boys were gonna ask me. I sat down with 4 brothers in a cozy office and talked about writing techniques for 45 minutes. This is a small tribe running a family business in the start up stage with plans to expand into sophisticated consumer electronics. Let’s see, the crazy Turks at WallMount want me to do blogging, newsletters, social media, along with a recast of their current site, followed by a complete branding of their pending site from which they’ll promote iPads, iPhones, computer electronics, and the whole shebang.

      I don’t wanna jinx this, but I believe I just got hired. Now the brothers have to pow wow on the terms of the position itself before they can offer it to me. This is seriously bass ackwards, but then I couldn’t attract professional attention for this avocation until I became a Board Certified Dr. of Blogtology out of sheer love and obsession for the compulsive, right-brain, idiosyncratic mandates of this medium. Do any of you guys own a goat? Hey, it worked for Abraham and Isaac.

      I am seriously pumped, my homies. And ya know what? If this one falls through, I’ll just have to make the next one my bitch. Oh ya, I had me an interview yesterday as well. They love me, they really, really love me.

      Dr. Jay

  5. the sports bar thing is a great mental image!

    i wish i had a wall behind my computer desk. i only have a giant window there.

  6. And I thought I’d done well to switch to a flatscreen in the first place. Now that we’ve moved and my desk is a lot smaller, it will be a big boon to have that last 10 inches of desk for work space in my now tiny home office.

  7. Space, the final frontier… these are the voyages…
    Not only do you display a mastery of bon mot and frequent mots justes in your posts, but also reveal aesthetic prowess in the visual layouts and picture placement and captioning. Your most recent post, like your previous ones, has captured my imagination. I can picture a wall peppered with these things. Now, what about a mobo and os that’ll support 25 separate monitors in an artfully crafted planar arrangement…?

    • Oh, how I have yearned for the graphical embrace of multiple panels. It’s gonna happen, cap’n! Your astute commentary reveals a blazing intellect worth of my cognitive ministrations. May you return soon to open my doors of perception with cogent impressions.

      Yours from the left and right side of the brain,


  8. Looks like it would work well with my painting/crafting table in the garage. The versatility makes this product very enticing.

  9. that’s a pretty nifty idea. no glare will ruin your view ever again

  10. Nowadays professional musicians are going hightech. Thanks for the heads up on this innovation. It will allow me to use my computer screen as a music stand by uploading my sheet music and reading it directly from the computer. This piece of equipment will allow me to position the screen in a way that I can comfortably see the music. My music will be safely scanned into my cyberlibrary and at my fingertips ready for me to play. I can’t tell you what a breakthru this is switching over from a Manhasset stand to Flat Pannel Monitor Mount. As a professional violinist I thank you! Mind if i mention your site on Twitter?

  11. I am a triple monitor user. 20″ + 20″ + 20″. Dell UltraSharps. 4800X1200 res. Awesome walls. Thanks jamaster Jay.

    • Thanks Mr. Garrison,

      I am pleased to announce that these mofo’s hired me to write all their web content, including blogging, social media, SEO, linguistically challenged ESL training manuals, and I’m gonna brand their new website which will feature pads and tablets. I’m too broke to celebrate so maybe I can get Aimee to cook me some dinner and get me liquored up. I own the world now, bitches!

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  13. NIce posting huh.. it is really promising, well keep on posting. thanks.

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