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World Oceans Day: Conservation Through Digital Art and Activism

Quote by Ted Danson

“Our oceans face a crisis. While beauty remains, overfishing, pollution and habitat destruction threaten whole species and ecosystems.”

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce is genuinely excited about World Oceans Day. Sure, as Homo sapiens we spend most of our lives as landlubbers.

However, our fates and fortunes are inextricably linked to a healthy ocean, which fills our dinner plates and enriches our economies.

While June 8th arrives but once a year, efforts to maintain a clean and healthy Seven Seas must serve as a constant call to action.

Digital art and social media build awareness for aquatic ecosystems.

theblu.com, in honor of World Oceans Day, has sponsored a worldwide online event that supports ocean conservation with a massive digital art project. Collaborating with digital artists across the planet, theblu.com has created a virtual, interactive underworld that promotes education and activism. This watery world combines social media and  stunning visual detail, where users  share experiences and insights as explorers who plumb habitats teeming with whales, sharks, and schools of fish.

 Celebrate World Oceans Day by Taking a Virtual Dive in theBlu

Participants simply download “theBlu” to their computers. The application then allows them to explore a wide range of  aquatic species and habitats rendered in stunning digital detail and modeled after the Earth’s oceans.

Folks navigate an interactive game environment where they may post videos, share photos  from virtual dives through Facebook, or tweet and invite friends, and investigate the deep blue while learning how pollution and overfishing jeopardize the food chain.

Become a virtual deep sea voyager while practicing real activism.

More importantly, explorers who dive into these virtual ecosystems may practice a very real  style of activism by purchasing “ambassador species” to populate a customized ocean environment. 25% of each purchase goes directly to non-profit collaborators, funding projects that directly support ocean conservation.

Voyagers short on doubloons,  can also flex some activist muscle just by joining us in downloading theBlu, tagging screens everywhere with this gorgeous and sophisticated Internet tool.

There’s a big, beautiful world under the waves. Help us keep it that way. Jump in and join us in the depths of the briny blue seas. Begin at theBlu’s website to download the software, and plan on an adventure that would turn Jacques Cousteau green with envy.


One comment on “World Oceans Day: Conservation Through Digital Art and Activism

  1. Digital Art Activism. hmmm. I wish we could have something like this in the Philippines. The Center of Marine life Biodiversity…

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