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Sustainable LED Technology Outshines Incandescent Bulbs


Let your light so shine. LED brilliance will  outlive your electronics and home appliances.

What’s practical, runs on electricity, and lasts 20 years?

The answer is “almost nothing.” In 20 years our current cell phones, iPads, GPS locators,  routers, computers, laptops, stereo receivers, and their cordless  cousins will all have given up the digital ghost just a few years hence.

The lucky ones will live again, reincarnated by emerging recycling methods that harvest value from devices containing spent batteries and printed circuit boards. Meanwhile, less fortunate modern conveniences will suffer the curse of geologic limbo, suspended under tons of earth, yearning for molecular decay from polymer to mineral.

Tragically, their only hope for  renewed purpose relies on chance discovery by future anthropologists, who will display these electronic carcasses as examples of  unsuccessful toolmaking technology among wasteful, primitive cultures.

Sometimes modern technology really does feel like magic.

Scott Tong, a correspondent for the Marketplace Sustainability Desk, calls the Philips 60-watt LED the Rolls Royce of LED‘s. Seriously, what’s so great about a fancy 60 watt shiner  that costs $60 bucks?

  • Easy installation – This baby features the same dimensions as our old fashioned incandescent models.
  • Super green – LED light shines with one-sixth the energy needed to power incandescent bulbs.
  • Performance – This LED earns stellar government ratings for quality of light.
  • Practical – They don’t generate heat, so bookworms can enjoy plenty of close lamplight.
  • Savings – Phillips claims their product will knock $8 off your annual energy costs. Multiply that by twenty.
  • Adjustable -Run them off a dimmer switch, enhancing our romance with LED technology.
  • Cost – Yes, sustainable LED’s may seem like a spendy status symbol, but wide distribution will cause their price to plummet in a couple years as incandescent bulbs go the way of record players, phones with a cord attachment, and wanton use of fossil fuels.

Nerdy cool never shined so brightly.

Be the first on your block to join the evolution! Here’s your chance to take a simple, proactive step to show your allegiance to  emerging green technology. All your geeky amigos who bragged about fancy apps, and ranted obsessively about the host of irritating features on their iPhones, will turn to new toys in a couple years, once their current models break or become obsolete.

In contrast to this electronic largess, your humble LED will shine across the decades, illuminating your commitment to sustainable consumer products, highlighting wisdom that combines nerdy cool and environmental awareness as traits that aspire to last a lifetime.

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce recommends you join the bright green future of LED brilliance. We encourage you to spotlight the backward incandescence of your fellow geeks who have yet to see the light when it comes to eco-friendly consumer products.


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