TV Wall Mounts Put Life On The Big Screen

Remember the good old days of TV when the actors weren’t so sexy, and neither was the picture?

Remember pushing and elbowing siblings to jockey for personal space on the living room rug in front of a tiny black and white CRT? In my family, if you wanted a front row seat to a good show, you had to fight for your spot on the green shag.

Still, the picture looked like water-damaged ink, would blink and scroll inadvertently, or suddenly convulse with diagonal lines or burst into snow.  We learned at an early age to beat on things  that refused to fulfill our expectations.

Lucy, what you done theeese time?

The actors smoked on screen, didn’t bother with plastic surgery, and donned suits, or fancy dresses with pearls to wear about their two dimensional two story houses.

We bought into a ridiculous ideal for American culture, but this programming broadcast long before reality TV arrived to paint an accurate picture of contemporary society. Yes, that was a joke. Reality TV is neither.

Thankfully, the good ol’ days of television have gone the way of leaded gasoline.  Gigantic High Definition displays the size of  a Texas zip code cover whole walls with all the digital possibilities cable TV can conjure. Meanwhile, flat panel displays grow ever lighter, sleeker, and cheaper, proudly occupying higher altitudes as dead sexy home theaters.

Behold the future of home entertainment.

Finding a home for your new LCD/LED display movie screen no longer depends on where you surrender floor space to a massive 60″ rear projection TV the size of a Volkswagen bus. Perhaps you’ve spotted one of these endangered species?

Driven from their natural habitat by stronger competitors, rear projection TV’s now subsist on dirty electricity at your local Goodwill Industries, or face lonesome death at the end of driveways, or abandonment within the empty halls of storage facilities.

Your new monster movie screen will likely arrive with all the digital magic of 3D picture quality, Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth keyboard, browser capability, and 1080p clarity. Your greatest challenge may lie simply in how you decide to display your display.                                                                                                                    

Watch your big screen wherever you darn well please with specially designed hardware from BuyMounts.com.

BuyMounts.com has the beefy hardware to match your flat panel or plasma display. Adding glamor to your cinematic experience, our ceiling mounts let you hang ’em high in the sky, while our DVD component shelves offer an elegant way to feature terrestrial electronics such as 7.1 surround sound systems and Blu-ray devices.

When you finally graduate to the big screen, BuyMounts.com has your mounting solution.

Heavy Duty Articulating Wall Mount for 32-60” LCD / Plasma / LED TVs (MI-310B).

  • Mount swivels from left to right for viewing from multiple angles with complete hardware kit and installation instructions.
  • Continuous tilt motion is possible without the use of tools.
  • Powder coated steel construction provides a sleek, high-tech look.
  • Security locking mechanism to prevent the TV from unlatching from mount.
  • Built in lateral shift, ideal for corner installations.
  • Universal mounting brackets fit nearly all flat-panel TVs.

Go big when you go home with your new movie screen.

At last you’ve  invested in a high end display with a zillion bells and whistles. Why would you mount that beautiful beast to your wall like a bumper sticker? Our Heavy Duty Articulating Wall Mount (MI-310B) offers a lot of looks for your plasma’s playground.

Go off the wall, riding outward on the articulating arm. Swivel away from any corner with a wide rang of lateral motion, or tilt your screen up and down along its vertical access.

You finally “went big,” investing in a monster motion picture that turns your family room into a drive in. Even your cool friends are jealous. They may act too cool to “ooh and aah,” but just watch their eyes widen as pupils dilate.  Think big when it comes time to mount up and take your screen for a 3 dimensional ride through your inner space.  When you’re ready to launch, BuyMounts.com will literally hook you up, putting your display into permanent orbit.


2 comments on “TV Wall Mounts Put Life On The Big Screen

  1. Thanks for the post, interesting and quite funny. Technology is advancing so much, with full motion brackets for the biggest TV’s out!

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Thanks Tom,

      I started writing that copy for local clients who fostered some strange ideas about content marketing. But hey, if I can make brackets sound sexy, the world is oyster.

      Have a Cool Yule,


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