Your Solipsistic Thought For The Day: Why I Write

For those of you who remain subtextually challenged, today’s seminar emphasizes honoring one’s muse as a hard tool for injecting passion and fulfillment into every aspect of our lives.

If you’re any good in bed, your partner will proclaim your name as tribute in the same sentence that calls forth a favored deity.

Writers experience similar praise for their efforts, but the corroboration most often stems from within before anyone else may value our craft.

“You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?’”

You obsess over  precision and indulge your passion to succeed at this work.

We actually do pause and jump up  on top of our mental stump to bear witness to our work.

The cliches are true, writers are a little coo coo.  Sometimes we even hear our stream of conscious declare, “Damn, that’s one mighty fine line, yo.”

I’m too driven to cover horse poop with gold leaf, so I trust in a brutal honesty that takes no prisoners when culling limp-wristed prose.

I worship those tiny triumphs when a strong line packs knockout punch. I drink in these moments like heady brew that warms the guts. I love getting constant confirmation from my tortured muse. This is where I find bliss, purpose and a paycheck. But wait, there’s more.

That’s right, my life sucks a little, but I love it!

Oh yes, I do predict a direct correlation between impending paychecks and hearing “Jay,” uttered as tribute in the same supplicating sentence that calls upon a favored deity.

You hear me, Maslow?! I finally got it all figured out. I’m climbing up, man. I’m rocking the Esteem, and Self Actualization is starting to talk dirty to me on a daily basis.

We’re gonna pow wow at last, Abraham. You better save me a seat at the tippy top of your dang pyramid, ’cause I’m not sitting on the pointy spot for you or any other man.



2 comments on “Your Solipsistic Thought For The Day: Why I Write

  1. Good post. I put the “Let’s eat Grandma!” punctuation saves lives on the board every year for my fourth graders.

    • Thanks Ms. Puddles,

      I have a niece in the 4th grade. I’ll have to run “Let’s eat Grandma!” just to see if I can score extra brownie points for knowing stuff that only teachers talk about. I have pals in the San Diego Unified who suffer for their art, as well as chums at local colleges. I’m honored to know yet another self-sacrificing, smartypants professional.

      Best regards,


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