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Social Media And Our Changing Persona

How did social media take over the world?

 I used to hate Facebook.  Can you blame me? The thought of navigating a forum where users blurt  mundane insight and random cravings of the id made me queasy. Seriously, who really gives a poop that you discovered an amazing cupcake, or that you hate cleaning the bathroom?

Facebook participants release thoughts and images in digital diaspora, drifting across the Internet to float like vapor over spider webs.

I couldn’t see the point in such aimless expression and felt intellectually superior to the medium. But then my younger peeps fell into Facebook’s orbit, especially as Myspace faded into irrelevance. Eager to maintain my 32bit relationships with loved ones, I reluctantly obeyed the gravitational pull of social media.

While scrolling through Facebook pages, images, events, whimsical declarations, and avatars  roll down the screen with ever-changing electrical impulse. This kaleidoscopic blur of thoughts and pictures seems charged by the singular goal of  announcing its own ephemeral existence.

The blur doesn’t concern itself with formal expression, but reacts with lightning speed, converging briefly on more hypnotic ideas and images that spark emotion and evoke discussion. Hum and buzz grow louder as new connections expand this scribble of Internet circuitry on websites that flux with new invention, adapting dynamically to channel so much human current. No matter how we define social media right now, the description will become obsolete tomorrow.

Do your connections see the same thing you do?

Yes, I do have a reason for writing the surreal description in the previous paragraph. Facebook has become a powerhouse forum with relatively few rules–like that one about not friendifying too many pals at once.

If you can avoid rough porn and hate speech, then the sky’s the limit. But don’t make the mistake of presuming that participants will respond simply because you posted a picture of your kitty’s bubble bath.

Unlike lunch with your boorish boss, Facebookers feel no obligation to comment on your inane post. You can pose questions but never assume you’ll get answers. After all, you didn’t actually take the trouble to send an email or text, did you?

Facebook does not require eye contact or integrity in a self-indulgent realm where typical rules and cues of interpersonal communication just don’t apply. Consequently, your proclivity for nonstop inane prattle will act as an affront to your digital homies. You owe it to your impending fans to explore original content.

Make us laugh, make us sputter, make us curse, but please don’t bore us to death with your wasted kilobytes. If you’re not going to make an effort to slow our scroll, then we’ll wish you back into the ectoplasm.

If you look upon social media as a tool, then it becomes a window into the minds of end users, to gauge interests and flex brand identity while capturing clients from the Cloud. Navigating this collective stream of conscious through active blogging can raise a company’s cache and build a lasting presence. Regular posts with magnetic copy will attract readers and fix your brand into their cognitive circuitry through Likes, Shares, and Followers.

Marketeers and rabid self promoters frequently machine gun web presence with salvos of hollow point tweets, deploying  across multiple platforms. In contrast, truly loyal followers with an appetite for tasty  copy, will hunt you down and map your island in the Ether with a link announcing your latest post.

Everything you say, do, write, or post to the Ether will find everlasting life as big data combines suck up every single digital breadcrumb you leave behind, extracting zettabytes of information to feed ravenous market analysis databases.

Face it, if you plan to swim the chum-filled waters of social media, bite the bullet and accept your inevitable fate as a new brand. Build a persona you can be proud, preferably one that kind of matches you.

A limp and lifeless self-portrayal will slink along the murky bottom of the Ether long after you power down. On the brighter side, your carefully crafted power-stud profile will serve as proud legacy when the lights go out.  Now go invent yourself and come back ready to wow us. And if you start to bore us, you may as well not even exist.


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