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Frustration & Constipation


As a frustrated writer (Seriously, contentment is not an option for anyone who can write her/his way out of a paper bag!), I regularly plumb the sticky depths of Craig’s List to gauge the market, hunt down opportunity, and to monitor reality through this weird virtual perspective.

A combination of cynicism and liberal tolerance paint my worldview, so few posts ever really gripe my cookies.  But today, my peeps, I’m taking a stand against wanton adverts targeting the affirmed who suffer difficulty with efficient elimination.

Your ability to pass poop properly should remain privileged information, available exclusively to your throne, your bridge club, your medical specialist in charge of this unsavory region of the anatomy (Internist? Proctologist?), and possibly to someone who has already promised to marry your sorry ass. Anyone willing to devote the strength and sacrifice essential to a successful marriage will surely call upon a partner’s allegiance when it comes time to schedule that colonoscopy.

My name is Jay, and I approve of this rant.



TIRED OF CONSTIPATION? TIRED OF LAXATIVES? A 4-Month Clinical Research Study is underway to EVALUATE an oral medication for CONSTIPATION associated with abdominal pain & bloating (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Call 619-521-2841 / http://www.mccresearch.com to receive labs, colonoscopy, and up to $375.00.


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